Marketing for High Growth Ventures:
Forget the spin, apply proven strategies

Dr. Tom McKaskill
Breakthrough Publications, May 2011 (1.2 MB)

This book of 157 pages is a highly targeted marketing strategies book for high growth ventures. Entrepreneurs who have high growth potential ventures need to develop marketing strategies for their business which fuel the growth potential they have. They need to move beyond basic marketing techniques with its focus on closing sales to a focus on developing long term relationships with customers. Their primary aim must be to develop customer experiences which promote repeat sales and referrals.

This approach to marketing means they need to optimize the entire customer experience from recognition of need to final disposal or consumption. Instead of a focus on products, features and functions, they need to think of needs and solutions. They need to make it easier for the customer to relate their need to the firm’s solutions, enable the customer to easily evaluate the fit and then make it easy for the customer purchase.

After the purchase, the customer needs to be supported throughout their experience so they see the entire process as meeting their expectations. Following the conclusion of their initial experience, the firm needs to engage with them overtime to promote repeat sales and referrals.
This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and their marketing and sales staff. The book itself is composed of 11 chapters:
1. High growth ventures are different
2. Start with understanding the buyer
3. What problem do you solve?
4. What is your message?
5. Understand your customer’s expectations
6. Make it easy to buy
7. Create the right customer experience
8. Optimise lead generation
9. Improve lead qualification and conversion
10. Continue to engage the customer
11. The end game – referrals and repeat sales